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Doing good is good for Business

Our proposal1000friends is a company which specialises in the design and implementation of sustainability and social responsibility strategies that add value to the brand in its core business to generate sales, improve the quality of management and to produce a social change that matches with the brand’s values.
The business opportunityThe sustainability and social responsibility strategies have not only become an opportunity for the brands to get involved in social issues but are useful tool for helping to retain market share and to attract more customers. However, if you are not well helped by experienced specialists this could lead to ineffective, useless actions and could even be counterproductive for the reputation and the activity of the brand.
Why usBecause we work with methods that have been successful in other companies. Also, our team is made up of specialists in the fields of marketing, advertising, social project management and sustainability.


  • retratos__0008_1josemaria
    José Maria BatallaCreativity
  • retratos__0003_1sergi
    Sergi Capell Marketing for the tertiary sector
  • retratos__0009_1gali
    José María Galí Marketing and sustainable development
  • retratos__0005_1neus
    Neus Portas Social innovation specialized in digital core project
  • retratos__0007_1marta
    Marta Gabarró Strategy for brands
  • isabel
    Isabel Solanas Project management and services to customers
  • pedro_garcia
    Pedro García Aguado Branded Social Content
  • retratos__0001_1teixi
    Joan Teixidó Creativity
  • franc
    Franc Carreras Digital marketing specialist
  • pablo
    Pablo SánchezMeasurement of the social and business impact

How can we help you?

Strategy for corporate social responsibility

We can help you improve your sales by creating sustainability and social responsibility policies, integrated into the strategic marketing of the business and all its brands.

Social Branded Content

We create new designs for social communication regarding television, aiming at having a social and commercial impact.

Design with social value: La Casa de Carlota

We own a professional design studio where the creatives are students and people with disabilities. This allows us to offer new design solutions that are ingeniously different.

Marketing strategy for NGOs and foundations

In order to be effective with the companies and people while fundraising, we developed strategies that both companies and NGOs can benefit from.

Social impact and commercial mediation

We set up metrics and tools to measure the social and commercial impact of the company’s social investment with the collaboration of Roots for Sustainability.


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